Fabian Pesci | Fabu Pottery
Fabian Pesci, Owner | Fabu Pottery

Our artist, Fabian Pesci, is originally from Patagonia, Argentina. Born September 26, a balanced and talented Libra who grew up in a beautiful and pristine part of the world. At age seventeen, Buenos Aires became his home where he spent seven years and attended college. In 1998, Fabian came to the United States and worked as a sign language interpreter and fell in love with this country. Later, he became a professional organizer, helping people organize their homes and businesses. During this time, Fabian was inspired by some of his very artistic clients, and in 2011, he found his passion: pottery. Now he spends a great deal of his time working with clay, patterns, and glaze to create Fabu Pottery.

Fabian has a unique style using textiles and other materials to make impressions on clay in order to create modern, decorative, and practical pieces. The combination of traditional textures on very modern vessels, platters, and trays are popular with his clientele. Many of the doilies that Fabian uses for pottery come from his travels to different countries in Europe, Central America, and Canada. Fabian enjoys meeting people at the many shows that he participates in every week in the Orlando area and continues to look for creative ways to express himself. Please take a look at the website and his work. He hopes to see you at his next show.